• 12 Feb 2019

    Celebrating Love

      With Valentine’s Day around the corner, often it’s a time to give thanks to those we love. However you see it, perhaps this year you can take a moment or a day to celebrate the one member of your family who constantly gives you silent, unconditional love... your pet.  The simple pleasure of patting a dog or cat can release endorphins and invoke feelings of warmth and ...

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  • 05 Jul 2018

    Bringing Home A New Puppy

      Deciding to get a puppy can be a very exciting time, congratulations on taking the leap! Here are some helpful hints to get you started and prepare for your new addition to the family. How do I choose the 'right' puppy for me?Know your needs and do your research! There are so many breeds to choose from, take a look at my list below to help narrow down your choices. I strongly encourage ...

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